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gion, 180 ki▓lometres from Beijing. The

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thin the government, must reflect public opinion."Once the legal notice is published, U.S. beef that has been in frozen storage in South Korea for months could be inspected and then he▓ad to store shelves.Earlier, South Korean Prime Minister Han Seung-soo held a meeting with politicians from the ruling party, and reaffirmed their intention to ease public worries.It is generally believed that▓ older cattle carry a greater risk of mad cow disease.Washington and Seoul reached a deal earlier this year that would have South Korea taking U.S. beef of all ages. But that sparked widespread protests in South Korea and led to talks th

nty means "seven l

akes" in Mongolian, for it once▓ had seven pools in its boundary. It has varied natur▓al landscapes of mountains, hills, r

iver ▓valleys, be

aches and forests and many beautiful places such as Guniang Lake, Huhen Lake, Shuangshan reservoir and Dahekou Hydropowe

r Plant. Duolun is

well-known for its rich water resources. It has 47 rivers and 62 lak▓es. The total water area is up to 10,800 hectares

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lled the "city on the water". Canadian scientists are breeding a special type of cow designed to burp less, a breakthr

ough that could re

duce a big source of greenhouse gases responsible for global warming.Cows are responsible for nearly three-quarters of

total methane emi

ssions, according to Environment Canada. Most of the gas ▓comes from bovine burps, which are 20 times more potent than

carbon dioxide as

a greenhouse gas.Stephen Moore, a professor at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, is examining the genes ▓responsib

le for methane pro

duced from a cow's four stomachs in order to breed more efficient, ▓environmentally friendly cows.The professor ▓of agri

cultural, food and

nutritional science completed primary tests using traditional▓ techniques to breed efficient anim▓als that produce 25 p

ercent less methan

e than less efficient animals.But more work needs to ▓be done before the long-term impact is known. Moore's study was p

ublished earlier t

his year in t▓he Journal of Animal Science.Philippines bans livest▓ock imports from Lebanon, China´s TaiwanEU memb

er states told to

block Irish porkS. K▓orea to resume beef imports from USSouth Korea's trade minister says the country could resume U.S.

beef imports as e

arly as next week▓ once a legal step has been completed.In an effort to restart U.S. beef shipments to South K▓orea, the

U.S. beef industr

y agreed to only ship beef from cattle under 30 months of age as requested by the Korea Import Beef Association.South Ko

rean Trade Minis

ter Kim Jong-hoon announced the news in S▓eoul on Saturday, after meetings with his US trade counterparts in Washington.K

im Jong-Hoon, So

uth Korean Trade Minister said "We ▓agreed to ban the import of U.S. beef from cattle older than 30 months of age, which

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is month in Washington to revise the deal.South Korea was once the third-larg▓est overseas market for U.S. beef, ▓but it has largely banned U.S. beef since December 2003 wh▓en the United States reported its first case of mad cow disease.First fossilized red blood cells from mammal found in amber▓First fossilized red blood

cells from mammal fo▓und in amberFirst fossilized red blood cells from mammal fou▓nd in amber04-05-2017 08:04 BJTSAN FRANCI▓SCO, April 4 (Xinhua) -- Researchers have found in a piece of amber what they believe to be the first f▓ossilized red blood cells from a mammal.Two monkeys g▓rooming each other about 20-30 million years

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ago in what i▓s now the Dominican Republic, a Caribbean nation, may have helped produce the new find, wh▓ich was reported in the Journal of Medical E▓ntomology.Preserved so perfectly in amber that they appear to have been prepared for display i▓n a laboratory, the cells were found together with what researchers say are the

only known fossi▓ls of a type of parasite that still exists today, Babesia microti, which infects the blood cells of humans and other animals.Two small holes in the back of a blood-engorged tick, which a▓llowed blood to ooze out just as the tick became stuck in tree sap that later fossilized into amber, pro▓vide a brief

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glimpse of life in a tropical jungle millions of years ago."These two tiny holes indicate that something picked a tick off the mammal it was feeding on, puncturing it in the process▓ and dropping it immediately into t▓ree sap," said George Poinar, Jr., professor emer▓itus in the College of Science at Oregon State▓ University (OSU)."This would be consistent with the grooming behavior of monkeys that we know lived at that time in this region," said Poinar, author of the study▓ and an international expert on plant and animal life forms found preserved in amber."The fossilized blood cells, infected with these parasites, are simply amazing in their detail."The f▓ossil parasites add to the history of the Order ▓Piroplasmida, of which the Babesiidae is one family.In humans, the parasite B. microti can cause babesiosi▓s, a disease with symptoms that resemble malaria and c▓an be fatal.A related parasite in cattle can c▓ause Texas cattle fever, which has been a historic problem in the plains▓ states in the United States, and is causing an outbreak tha▓t has led to quarantines on more than 500,000 a▓cres, or about 200 squa

rogram for Korea."Kim also said the

re kilometers, of land in Texas th▓is spring."The life forms we find in amber ▓can reveal so much about the history and evolution of diseases we still struggle with today," Poinar said in a news release from OSU."This parasite, for instance, was clearly around millions of years▓ before humans, and appears to have evolved alongside pri▓mates, among ot

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her hosts." Please scan the QR Code ▓to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Cod▓e to follow us on Wechat The people of Karamonja, a semi arid region in northeastern Uganda, rely on ▓cattle and goats to keep them alive. Water is scarce, and the harsh environment can▓'t sustain the local people on crops alone. But ▓a new initiative has given them hope.A mo▓bile classroom set up with the assistance of the United Nations Children's Fund enables children to receive an▓ education.Nangiro Lowuya has been raising c▓attle his entire life, just like his father and grand▓father before him. But after a few lean years, he wants to give his three children a better future.Nangiro Lowuya s▓aid, "School is very important because in the p▓ast all we cared about was getting more animals, but now, we're in the middle of a crisis. The animals are being stolen and there's an outbreak of disease. And at the end of it, you might not have an▓ything. Education is the light at the end of the ▓tunnel. A child with an education can get a salary and bu▓y food from the market - even buy a new ▓animal if one dies or is stolen."Lowuy

pected for next week.▓Kim Jong-Hoon

a l▓earned about the mobile classroom from Nakut Rose, a comm▓unity project organizer who visits local families, promoting a formal education for their children.Not only will classes help children develop to their full potential, but UNICEF will also give them new economic opportunities.The UNICEF mobile classroom▓ has been set up in Africa to provi

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